The search for the perfect wave

Let’s go surfing now, everybody’s learning how, come on and surfari with me!

There’s nothing quite like the surfer lifestyle, is there? Picture pure white sand on the beach, the turquoise waves crashing in, everyone chasing the ultimate dream of the perfect wave.

We love it. And in fact, we dream about it. So what is it about the ocean that draws us Bohemian girls to it?

The lifestyle, the freshness, the fun: maybe it’s the idea of leaving city living behind and escaping into the silence of the water, where we can be who we want to be, with no inhibitions? Maybe it’s a little bit of everything…

There are some amazing places around the world where you can escape for a Bohemian getaway, surfing to your heart’s content, soaking up the sunshine and enjoying the peace and quiet that comes with the Bohemian territory. The Bahamas, Venezuela and Hawaii are just a few.

But head a little closer to home and its places like Byron Bay in northern New South Wales that are meccas among surfers; AND the epitome of Bohemian-style. The beauty behind Byron is thanks to the surfers who came in the mid 1970s to catch the perfect break and decided to stay.

Photo 21-07-2016, 10 40 37 AM

Take a walk along the streets and you’ll be immersed in the laid back lifestyles of the Bohemian surfer girl or boy; the smell of salty sea air and the freshness of the bright blue ocean. Sounds pretty perfect, right?

Plenty of the world’s top surfers think so!

Six-time world surf champion Stephanie Gilmore loves the beaches at Byron Bay and used to holiday there as a kid; “the best surfer in the world” Kelly Slater was spotted surfing there in April (for the record, he was with his buddy Chris Hemsworth, who lives there too!); and the current World Surf League championship Number 1, Matt Wilkinson calls Byron home…

Have to say, we agree – there’s no place in the world quite like it.

There’s no doubt that without the beaches, it wouldn’t be the same; and whether you’re in Byron or you have another favourite surf spot, it sucks you can’t take the ocean with you, right?

Guess that’s where we come in … because thanks to our “wave” range of jewellery, you can!

If you’re looking for something that symbolises everything the ocean stands for: beauty, peacefulness, waves, turquoise and serenity, our Turquoise and Sterling Silver Wave Necklace is destined to be a part of every beach girl’s wardrobe.

Surfing body

You might also know the ocean symbolises the positive part of life, dreams, fantasy and emotion. Nature at its finest; displayed in the Wave Ring range, with a 9k Solid Gold Wave Ring, solid Rose Gold and Sterling Silver wave rings.

And in our traditional Bohemian style range of jewellery, the sterling silver Wave Ring is guaranteed to look amazing on your finger.

Check it out today and get surfing!

Images : @anita_ghise, @photography_byron_bay, @amusesociety and @kirstycane

With Love and Light



Beauty of the Modern Mermaid

The beautiful long golden hair blowing in the ocean breeze, the idea of riding on a dolphin’s back to go anywhere in the entire world … go on, admit it. When you were a little girl you dreamt of being a mermaid.

Back in the days before computers, iPads and iPhones took over as the major form of entertainment, I remember my girl friends and I would take off to the swimming pool in the summer where I’d spend hours trying out my best “mermaid” moves. Could I keep my legs together, straight and poised enough so I could turn them into a tail? Could I flip up onto the side of the pool in one swift move, without breaking my feet apart? Was my hair long enough so that it would “float” in the water – and of course be 100% immaculate once I emerged.

Then at night I’d read a book about the beautiful mermaid Ariel, who only ever wanted to be a human. I could never understand why she would want legs when her tail (and life under the sea) was so glamorous! 

mermaid body

The beauty of mermaids is a part of every girl’s childhood.  Whether or not they are real remains debatable, but hundreds of years ago it was certainly believed to be true. There is a half-human half fish Greek God, a Babylonian deity and goddesses in Hinduism and Candomblé that are still worshipped to this day. Not to mention the hundreds of stories of sailors who fell in love with these elusive creatures while spending their days out on the water.  Maybe it was a case of spending too much time on the water, or maybe it’s all true.  Either way, legends were created, songs were sung and fairytales were written.

The idea of mermaids continues to intrigue us today, which is why we’ve included the beautiful Mermaid range to our jewelry collection. This collection is designed to hit straight into the imagination of the little girl that remains in you: the dreamer, the inspirer and the nature lover.

mermaid body 2

It is designed to conjure up all the images portrayed in the fairytales and fables of the mermaid’s past: from the half moon shining on the turquoise water; to finding pearls amongst the shells. Imagine the mermaid exploring the coral playground (portrayed through the white opal earrings) and riding on a whale’s tail as she soars through the ocean.

Explore our Mermaid range to find some jewelry so you can enjoy that feeling over and over again.

Images : @gabsgetgnarly, @chelseasflowercrowns, @matttully, @jasmynelizadesigns, @inkawilliams and @glenkrohn

With Love and Light



The raw and organic life

Hey babes! Awesome to see you here again! 😍

You might remember that earlier this month, we took the time to chat about what it really means to be “Bohemian”. It’s not just a style… it’s a way of thinking, feeling and believing in yourself. It’s all about YOU.

Whilst we here at ‘Indie and Harper’ can help with expressing your Bohemian style, with our stones, jewellery and accessories, how else can you achieve the spiritual balance and energy that you want in your daily life?

Whilst there are many ways to help achieve this balance through things like yoga, sleeping well, being kind to others, taking time out for yourself etc, the one we want to talk about today is ‘treating your body like the beautiful temple it is’. The best place to start, is thinking about what you put into it. Improving your daily diet by adding raw organic foods, is proven to have an incredible effect on your body, mind and soul.

You’ll feel more positive and absolutely AMAZING, with one of the side effects being that you’ll have more energy in your daily life. This is because raw, organic foods still contain all of their original enzymes and nutrients, making your body sing. 💖 🎶  So what is the deal with enzymes??? Well, these babies assist in helping your body heal better when it needs to…  Allowing you to focus on other things in life 🙏
So whether it’s vegetables, vegan dishes or superfoods (we have all heard of kale, açai, quinoa, chia seeds and spirulina) or even chocolate, your body will have what it needs to overcome anything. And yes, we did say CHOCOLATE… raw cacao makes all the difference (and we don’t feel guilty about having dark chocolate or raw desserts most days 👍)

Raw Organic Body q

Don’t deprive yourself.

We believe so strongly in the value of raw and organic, that we even apply it to our beautiful, Bohemian gypsy jewelry.

We’re really proud to offer breathtaking raw products like our gorgeous Raw Ruby, Raw Diamond, Raw Australian Opal, Raw Amethyst and Raw Sapphire jewels just to name a few. But what does “raw” mean when we talk about jewels? It means that the stone is uncut, unpolished, but most importantly completely unique.  JUST LIKE YOU.

Raw Organic Body.png

Whether a treat for yourself, a gift for a loved one or even a shimmering, Bohemian engagement ring, all of our Raw Jewels are truly unique and unforgettable.

Images : @torycakes_, @bijou_the_label@sallymustang and @mitchgobel_resinart

With Love and Light




Hey babes! Don’t you hate those days when you’re feeling a bit flat and needing a little bit of a pick-me-up?

If you feel like today is one of those days where you would like to be inspired, then take a look at our ‘Navajo‘ Collection.

From the colourful shine of opals, to the tranquility of the onyx; the brightness of turquoise, to the peacefulness of howlite: whether you want to feel a bit more relaxed or alive, you’ll find a colour to suit every mood and a style to suit every outfit.

Navajo Body.jpg

You can’t get how important these collections are unless you know some of the “history” behind them. Don’t start yawning yet. Just bear with me …

The two Native American tribes the Navajo (who call themselves Diné – meaning “Children of the Holy People”) and the Zuni, have lived in south-west US for thousands of years. They only began making jewelry in the 1800s but their culture has a huge influence on their styles: and of course as a source!

For the Navajo and the Zuni it’s all about nature. The earth, mountains, forests and the deserts. With the land as their inspiration they’ve made some of the world’s most striking and often flawless, jewelry. Which is what we bring to you….excited much?!


We’ve spent hours trawling through designs to find the best styles that fit perfectly with you – the bohemian girl.

With the earthy tones, every piece of jewelry in our ‘Navajo‘ Collection has a story to tell; the rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings – the arrowhead shapes, tear drops, feathers and bone (just to name a few!).

One of our favourite designs is the dream catcher. Long story short, Native Americans believe that if you hang a dream catcher above your bed, it will catch your dreams. The good dreams will find a way to make it through the gaps; the bad dreams will get caught until the morning sun strikes and destroys them. It’s a legend that’s been passed for generations! And not only that…. it looks freaking amazing!

Navajo Body 2.jpg

Get inspired by our Native American collections.

Let your spirit roam free.

Images : @emilyrosehannon, @sloppyelegance,, @mockni and @shaepowder

With Love and Light



Diamonds: The Bohemian Alternative

Diamond Rings have long been the symbol of love… And more often than not, these rings have big, sparkling, immaculately cut diamonds. We get that. They look fantastic!

But we here at ‘Indie and Harper’ are all about living and breathing a ‘Bohemian lifestyle’, and the Bohemian alternative to traditional diamond rings (whether you’re getting engaged or looking for a ring that is as unique as it is beautiful) are our new Raw Diamond Rings and Herkimer Quartz Diamond Rings 🙂

The Raw Diamond in particular is often overlooked.  If you’ve never seen one, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Most of us haven’t. We’re so used to seeing the cut and polished diamonds marketed by jewellery stores across the world as a “girl’s best friend” that we don’t even consider that there might be something more amazing just around the corner 🙂

Raw White Diamond Ring | Bohemian Gypsy Jewels | Indie and Harper

You’d know from following us on social media or reading our blog, that people, the environment and doing the right thing are important to us and we guarantee our Raw Diamonds have been purchased from ethically sourced mines in South Africa, conflict free and mined in accordance with the Kimberley Process.

If you haven’t heard of it, the Kimberley Process came about to ensure diamonds were not sold to help finance rebel groups and their allies (under armed conflict or civil war). Conflict diamonds are worth billions and that money often goes to warlords to buy weapons. There is no way we’d support this, which is why it’s so important for us to know our diamonds are conflict-free.

blog - raw diamond body 2

The Raw Diamond is something truly special and we promise you that no one else in the world will have the same ring as you! And because all of us ‘Bohemian Goddesses’ are so special and unique, our Raw Diamond Rings come in three colours – black, white and ocean, to match your own style!  We also now have the new Herkimer Quartz Diamond Rings which are available in 14k Gold Fill and Sterling Silver (we note that the Herkimer Quartz Diamonds are not actual diamonds, but crystals of the top most beautiful quality).

If a cut and polished diamond is a “girl’s best friend”, then the Raw Diamond and Herkimer Quartz Diamonds are a “Bohemian’s best friend”. 😉

Images: @sarahloven, @losarihomeandwoman & @chelseasflowercrowns

With Love and Light





Love and Inspiration

When you hear the word “bohemian”, what do you think of? If it’s “thunderbolt and lightning, very very frightening” … this is probably not the blog for you.

When I think of “bohemian”, I think … Unique. I think of the crowds at Woodstock Music Festival, “adventure”, “unconventional”. I think flowers in the hair, jewellery that catches the eye from a distance and bright, flowing kaftans.

Did you know the term “bohemianism” originally came from France in the early 1800s when artists began to create their own low class (or voluntary poverty) neighbourhoods? And still today, it’s just about simplicity and bringing as much simple living into your day. Why not? I mean, who wants to be part of a mundane (sheep) culture when you can stand out on your own, be unique, and live your life exactly how you want, regardless of society’s expectations (and as long as you’re not harming anyone else).


The dictionary defines bohemian as “a socially unconventional person, especially one who is involved in the arts” … pretty basic and simple. But it really is so much more than that and if you’re reading this, you probably already know there is more to it than a simple definition.

The best thing about bohemian fashion is, it’s about YOU. And no, I’m not talking about the “you” who gets up every morning, has a coffee and heads off to the office (snore). I’m talking about the “you” that lurks deep in your subconscious, just waiting for the chance to emerge …

Bohemian fashion and lifestyle is about excitement and relaxation, and at Indie and Harper, we aim to bring that to life through our stunning jewellery and accessories.

Blog body

Did you know the most popular stones are Turquoise and Moonstone.  Have you ever seen the way a Moonstone shines in the sunlight? Its beauty is impeccable and wearing the stone is believed to foster happiness, gracefulness, good fortune, hope, spiritual insight, easy childbirth, safe travel on water, new beginnings and helps adjust to changes. Uniquely beautiful, the moonstone is a must have that will have you embracing your inner bohemian.

light and joy body

Make sure you check out our Moonstone Collection and until next time.

Photos : @spell_byronbay@sarahloven / @nextdoornomad@mitchgobel_resinart / @sallymustang, @tezzamb and @katebucklandd of @buukahdesigns

With Love and Light

Indie and Harper