Move over Kim Kardashian, this aussie bohemian goddess is the new girl in the block!

The online photo sharing application Instagram is one of the most popular social networking platforms available today. Home to millions of individuals, Instagram provides a seamless way for people to share photos with others in a matter of seconds. Instagram applications for mobile phones and tablets are among the most downloaded and highly rated among all apps, clearly indicating their popularity with people around the world. The best part about Instagram is that services are completely free; and with a little bit of ingenuity, you too, can be on your way to becoming a top level star.

Mimi Elashiry:
19 year old Mimi Elashiry is a Sydney native who recently made headlines after being head hunted by Victoria’s Secret, Gap, and Calvin Klein. A symbol of inspiration for aspiring models around the globe, Mimi didn’t take the traditional route to stardom. In fact, the aspiring model faced major setbacks due to her height – at 5 foot 6 inch, Mimi kept getting rejection letters from modeling agencies around the world. Despite appearances in multiple castings, it wasn’t until Elashiry took to Instagram and started posting her shots that she defied the traditional boundaries and finally found her true calling. With over half a million followers on Instagram – around 806,000 to be exact, Mimi is living every model’s dream today.

mimi 1

Image: Next Management

The credit for this, Elashiry says, goes to her followers. In addition to modeling for brands like Elliot, Free People, Diesel Jeans, and Glue Store, Elashiry also appears on MTV Australia. She is managed by a top Los Angeles based agency, Next Model Management. The big secret, Mimi says, is “not trying”. As an inspiration to millions of girls around the world, Mimi says she loves being behind the camera and planning out her shots. She also enjoy working with film cameras instead of mobile phones or digital cameras to capture what she says is the real deal. This sort of innovative thinking is exactly what got her ahead of the queue, and helped her make it big in one of the toughest and most competitive industries around the world.

The Future:
With a bohemian, whimsical look thanks to her Egyptian and Australian heritage, Mimi Elashiry is one model most people can’t ignore. Despite having gone through immense challenges at such a young age, Elashiry is known as a humble, down to earth Sydney girl who enjoys her work and has a laid back, relaxed attitude. The model loves the outdoors in true Australian fashion, and is a huge fan of camping. Up next, she is all set to appear in a series of music festivals including a psychedelic rock festival in Austin, Texas; and a yoga festival called Lightning in the Bottle. She also plans to ride through Nevada, Utah, and Arizona up to the Grand Canyon on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. An immensely talented star who can hold her own on the dance floor, Mimi is on her way to becoming one of the most famous models in the world.

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Photo’s @mimielashiry

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