How to spoil yourself this Valentine’s Day

Only a few days until Valentine’s Day 🙂  But have you found yourself without a partner this year and wondering what the hell to do?

It’s time to round up all of your single Queens and have a Girls Day Out! Your Queens are always there for you and you will love each other forever (much longer than any man or woman in your life) xoxo

But before you head out, start your day with a visit to the hairdressing salon for a new look! Step out of that box and do something that would normally ‘scare the crap out of you’ but you can’t stop dreaming about… Why not go for the new ‘bronde’ look, or if your game enough, turn that blond balayage into a pastel sensation! Don’t stress if you can’t make it to the hairdressers, as you can always do it at home with a purple toner shampoo.   There are so many different products available at your local supermarket nowadays! We use the Brite Organfix Vegan  range around Indie and Harper HQ which is only $19.99aud for a whole new look! And the longer you leave it in, or the more often you use it, the more vibrant it gets!  Even better get a friend to do it with you (matching pink and purple!), I mean who doesn’t love pastel locks.

blog valentines pastels.jpg

Now that you have your hair sorted it’s time to head out with the girls! The world is your oyster today girls, so spend the day at an amazing winery, down the beach, a day spa or indulge at your favourite lunch spot!  We are sure whatever you and your queens decide to do, the day will be full of laughter once the reminiscing of the good (and bad!) times begins 🙂

blog valentines heder

Not ready to call it a day? Why not carry the fun on into the night? Time to go out on the town for dinner and drinks (and maybe even meet some eligible bachelors?).  Or if you have had enough, simply call it a day with a girls pizza and movie night 🙂

But maybe you just need some ‘me’ time after a day out and about with your Queens?

blog valentines footer.jpg

Top off your Girls Day Out with a long hot bath 🙂 Grab your favourite book (or trashy magazine) and a glass of wine, light some candles, fill your bath with some yummy oils or bath salts (we love adding 75ml of coconut oil, 10 drops of lavender oil and some epsom salt – this will draw out the toxins and bring some balance back into you body!).  Another great tip – if you can get your hands on some natural soy candles, you can nourish your skin by using the wax (once it has cooled a little) as a moisturiser!

Valentine’s Day is now done and dusted and we hope your day has been the best one yet!

See you don’t need a partner to have a memorable, relaxing and special Valentines Day… you can do it all for yourself!

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Header/body photos: Insta accounts @spell_byronbay & @randomactsofpastel

With Love and Light



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