A fantastic cause

Hi girls (and guys)! Thanks for dropping by… it’s great to see you here again! ☺️

We’re grateful to you for following our blog and trying our unique, bohemian jewels. It means a lot and you inspire us with your love. 💕


For a moment though, we want to get a little serious. Here at Indie and Harper, we have been thinking about how great it feels to be supported by so many great followers. Our mission is to share things with you that inspire us… so we started this blog to connect with you. We can’t explain just how happy we’ve been with your love and feedback. You, in turn, have inspired us. When you reblog, leave comments and even like our pics on Instagram, we feel like we’re on top of the world. We’re lucky and we know it.

This made us stop and think… if it feels so great to be loved and supported by so many, how could we spread that love to someone who really needs it? How could we help someone to truly make a difference?

We have thought long and hard about this, and we need your help to do it.

From today, we’re teaming up with Sea Shepherd to help conserve our precious marine wildlife. Every year, Sea Shepherd works hard to stop the destruction of ocean habitats and biodiversity. Often, they bravely place themselves in the line of danger to do what’s right and protect animals that can’t protect themselves.

All of this is so important to help preserve our environment and its fragile balance. Sea Shepherd’s work doesn’t only have an impact on our beautiful oceans… it really affects us all. We want everyone to be able to enjoy the unbelievable places that we all take for granted and the awesome benefits that biodiversity brings.

body #3

We want to make sure that even future generations can enjoy our amazing planet. All of you girls (and guys) can really make a difference.

So how are we going to help Sea Shepherd exactly? $5 from the sale of our charming Whale Tail Necklace’s will be sent straight to this inspiring, non-profit organisation. Part of the Bohemian collection, the Whale Tail Necklace 🐋 is a gorgeous, Sterling Silver piece. You even get to choose the length, with special options of Black Suede, Brown Suede and or Sterling Silver chain. Like everything we offer, we’re really proud of this beautiful, elegant piece of gypsy jewellery and we couldn’t think of a better symbol to represent our collaboration with Sea Shepherd. We hope you agree.

Photo 7-06-2016, 12 37 21 PM

Treat yourself to this unique example of bohemian gypsy jewellery, and feel great knowing that by purchasing our necklaces, you’re helping the global fight for conservation.

Don’t forget to spread the word, beauties! You can share this post to Twitter, Facebook and more below to help spread the word of Sea Shepherd’s brave and amazing work around the world.

Thank you so much for your support! 😍😍😍

Photo’s: @gypsylovinlight, @jasmynelizadesignswww.byronquarter.com

With Love and Light





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