The raw and organic life

Hey babes! Awesome to see you here again! 😍

You might remember that earlier this month, we took the time to chat about what it really means to be “Bohemian”. It’s not just a style… it’s a way of thinking, feeling and believing in yourself. It’s all about YOU.

Whilst we here at ‘Indie and Harper’ can help with expressing your Bohemian style, with our stones, jewellery and accessories, how else can you achieve the spiritual balance and energy that you want in your daily life?

Whilst there are many ways to help achieve this balance through things like yoga, sleeping well, being kind to others, taking time out for yourself etc, the one we want to talk about today is ‘treating your body like the beautiful temple it is’. The best place to start, is thinking about what you put into it. Improving your daily diet by adding raw organic foods, is proven to have an incredible effect on your body, mind and soul.

You’ll feel more positive and absolutely AMAZING, with one of the side effects being that you’ll have more energy in your daily life. This is because raw, organic foods still contain all of their original enzymes and nutrients, making your body sing. 💖 🎶  So what is the deal with enzymes??? Well, these babies assist in helping your body heal better when it needs to…  Allowing you to focus on other things in life 🙏
So whether it’s vegetables, vegan dishes or superfoods (we have all heard of kale, açai, quinoa, chia seeds and spirulina) or even chocolate, your body will have what it needs to overcome anything. And yes, we did say CHOCOLATE… raw cacao makes all the difference (and we don’t feel guilty about having dark chocolate or raw desserts most days 👍)

Raw Organic Body q

Don’t deprive yourself.

We believe so strongly in the value of raw and organic, that we even apply it to our beautiful, Bohemian gypsy jewelry.

We’re really proud to offer breathtaking raw products like our gorgeous Raw Ruby, Raw Diamond, Raw Australian Opal, Raw Amethyst and Raw Sapphire jewels just to name a few. But what does “raw” mean when we talk about jewels? It means that the stone is uncut, unpolished, but most importantly completely unique.  JUST LIKE YOU.

Raw Organic Body.png

Whether a treat for yourself, a gift for a loved one or even a shimmering, Bohemian engagement ring, all of our Raw Jewels are truly unique and unforgettable.

Images : @torycakes_, @bijou_the_label@sallymustang and @mitchgobel_resinart

With Love and Light



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