It’s all copper, baby!!!

Copper, copper, copper. It’s everywhere. The metallic trend is one that has come and stayed for the long haul, and we here at Indie and Harper are absolutely loving it. Copper jewelry is a unique play on traditional jewelry, in the sense that it breaks the boundaries by being raw, organic, and more often than not, stands out amongst other pieces. Read on for all our copper jewelry know-hows and information on how to care for your new copper pieces.

Its All Copper Baby Photo Two | Indie and Harper

Copper jewelry has been around since the earliest of civilizations, but as every fashion trend comes and goes, it’s back and currently bigger than ever. Copper is loved as its vibrant colour, uniqueness and wow-factor turns any jewelry lovers collection into one that is edgy and one-of-a-kind. A process called electro-forming is what helps create our copper jewelry. Read about here in our Copper Craze blog post.

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Copper jewelry is known for it’s alleged incredible health benefits. It has been worn for hundreds of years to improve health ailments such as arthritis and inflammation. The metal itself boasts healing properties that aid with increasing energy, detoxification, improving circulation and stimulating oxygen flow. Traces of copper are found all throughout the human body, so it only makes sense that we react to it in such an enriching and positive way.

Its All Copper Baby Photo Four | Indie and Harper.jpg


Help! Why is my finger turning green?  This is a question jewelers often hear, and trust us, it’s not just because your skin is green with envy over your new jewels! Copper can react with certain skin types and may turn them a slight shade of green. This is more often than not due to an oxidation reaction.  The oils on our skin respond to the metal and, unfortunately, it is a completely normal and natural effect. Other factors that may bring on this type of reaction is the amount of meat we consume, the skin products we use, and the humidity levels of where we live. To help prevent the lean, mean, green reaction, ensure your skin is dry when wearing your copper jewelry, wipe the jewelry before and after use, and, to help re-seal, simply paint a thin coat of clear varnish over the band. Voilah!


Its All Copper Baby Photo Five | Indie and Harper copy

Mixing your metals is one of the biggest and easiest trends to follow right now. Copper can be brightened up and contrasted with silver’s, or merged with gold’s to enhance its warm tones. That’s not to say that copper worn on it’s own isn’t allowed. Let your pieces stand out on their own and showcase their rawness, edginess and uniqueness. That is what copper jewelry is all about, standing out from the crowd. Tag us on Instagram wearing your Indie and Harper Copper pieces, and show us that raw energy and distinctive rocker feel that only copper can give. #indieandharper

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