Stay wild moon child

Apart from being elegant and enchanting, The Moonstone can help bring balance and wisdom to your life, while aiding in focus and awareness. Known as the travelers stone (as it is said to protect those traveling at night) and the cleansing stone (due to its ability to absorb negative energy), the moonstone is known to enlighten those throughout history in many ways.

A Moonstones mysterious unearthly glow is caused by light shining between microscopic layers of feldspar in an optical phenomenon called adularescence. Feldspar minerals make up more than half the earths rocky crust. This phenomenon gives the impression of lunar light floating on water, hence its name.


Hindu: The moonstone is said to have been embedded in the forehead of Ganesh (god of the moon) and known to send life changing visions to those who hold the stone for the first time.

Roman: Ancient Romans believed that the moonstone was formed from moonlight and held magical powers.

Greek: Ancient Greeks merged Aphrodite (the name of the goddess of love) and Selene (the goddess of the moon) to call the stone ‘Aphroselene’.

Orient: Used as a goodluck charm and a cure for insomnia, ancient orientals believed that the light inside the stone was a live spirit who aided with protection.


CLEANSE AND RECHARGE: A full moon stone bath can help cleanse the mind, body and spirit. As you cleanse your stone with natural or salt water, the negative vibrations which are absorbed by your moonstone are washed away. Moonstones powers are in full spectrum during a full moon, so it is best to recharge your stones by leaving them in direct moonlight one night before a full moon.

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