Who says less is more? Stacking your rings is not only one of the biggest on trend styles right now, but also perfect if you’re a jewellery addict like us!



  1. Start with your statements. Pick your favorite can’t live without pieces (such as the Tribal Moonstone Ring) and choose which fingers you want to show them off on!
  2. Build them up baby. Add some simple stackers or different textured bands (like the Silver Beaded Band) to your statement pieces to make them POP.
  3. Don’t overcrowd…. Make sure to leave empty space between each of your larger pieces. You want them to still stand out!
  4. Add some Midi bling. Who says Midi rings have to be bland? Add your favorite smaller rings (such as the Silver Little Raw Opal Ring) and wear them as midi rings to compliment the stones in your statement pieces.
  5. Stack, stack, stack! Finish the look by adding some plain stacker rings to your midi rings and fingers that need some more company. Add as many or as little as you like, the stacking is up to you, babe!


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