The Story of Indie and Harper

The journey for Indie and Harper all began when our beautiful girl boss Cathy put into action her immense love for bohemian fashion and her captivating creative style!

Working from home, looking after two beautiful girls with one on the way, Cathy began the production of Indie and Harper, having her vision to capture the hearts of all bohemian babes and gypsy souls through unique, beautiful and meaningful jewellery. 

Indulging into the fine arts of nature and tapping into the free spirit in us all, makes Indie and Harper the amazing business it is today. 

Whether it is our incredible hand-crafted pieces by Navajo Artisans or our fossils found on the riverbeds of the South Caroline Coast, all of our pieces are made with impeccable details and love, just for YOU!



  1. Klaus


    I have ordered a Wave Ring some weeks ago and I like to give you some feedback.
    The order process was as easy as it can be.
    Your communication was prombt and in a delightful way.
    Your forecast for the delivery was absolutly correct and the ring came just in time for christmas.
    The ring itself was in the correct and ordered size and fits perfect.
    And it looks beautiful.
    To make it short: it was an absolut pleasure to order at you and we will surely visit your shop again.
    Thanks for this good experience.
    Have a good time


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